Web sites

The websites are nowadays often implemented with some content management system (CMS). Most popular at the moment is Joomla!, Drupal and WordPress. In addition, a number of different service providers' own applications are available.

Systems designed for Content Management enable to maintain sites by people who are not particularly familiar with IT. However, maintaining the site ie its appearance, and content requires know-how, understanding, and time.

Sometimes a company's own website does not serve enough marketing. It may be difficult or too slow to get content to a company's own website pages for fast-changing marketing purposes. Or the functionality of your site does not support the set goals. Then a mini-site can help. We implement a site for promotional purposes, event portal or company extranet/intranet services.

Joomla! is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables to build web sites and powerful online applications with most cost effective way.

We are able to offer solutions for Joomla development and maintenance. Through us, you will be provided with the cration of web pages to  carefree maintenance of sites.

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WordPress is a open-source content management system (CMS), which is most associated with blogging, but supports other types of web content including more traditional web sites and forums, media galleries, and online stores.

We are able to offer the best and most effective solutions for WordPress development and maintenance. Through us, you will be provided with carefree maintenance from development to security and updates for your WordPress sites.

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