Web sites

The websites are nowadays often implemented with some content management system (CMS). Most popular at the moment is Joomla!, Drupal and WordPress. In addition, a number of different service providers' own applications are available.

Systems designed for Content Management enable to maintain sites by people who are not particularly familiar with IT. However, maintaining the site ie its appearance, and content requires know-how, understanding, and time.

Managing Resources

Maintain website content

  • Update site's current content and fixing errors.
  • Manage and modify internal structure and linkage.
  • Producing new content such as news, bulletins, suppliers' material, service descriptions, product information, and campaigns.
  • Site layout and design, ie web layout.

Visitors are looking for information when they first come to the site. Information on the site must be comprehensive, comprehensible, easy to find, up-to-date and error-free.

Often maintaining the site or its parts is a certain sideline work in the organization. Maintenance may also be the responsibility of the provider of a content management system and/or website provider.

In either case, the situation may lead to the site not meeting its goals for customers and the organization's own personnel. Rather than persuading or attracting content, it is disappointing and below expectations. Rather than convince or attracting, content is disappointing and below expectations.

Just by setting up adequate and knowledgeable resources for maintenance, you can expect that site information meets these requirements.

Maintenance requires know-how

"Maintain web pages with Content Manager is like word processing"

A familiar argument with which a content management system is often sold to a customer. Unfortunately, the truth is that Word does not make anybody a writer - nor does the content management system a web editor.

Content management systems, despite their many advantages, are relatively demanding to use. For example, without the knowledge of basics HTML code, there are many things to remain on the site without finishing.

Maintaining a site requires a lot of expertise. And not just skill is enough, but it also needs the will and the time to do it.

The website administrator should have

  • Written knowledge, ie the ability to produce appropriate texts on the web on various topics.
  • Typographic know-how (web layout, fonts)
  • IT skills (using the publishing system, HTML, image processing).
  • Good Finnish/English language skills, ie the ability to produce smooth, error-free text.
  • Understanding the industry (technology, operators, dynamics, relationships).
  • Language skills (software, localization of materials).
We offer our experience to you

Web writing is different than typing in print media. We have experience in different industries and different systems. We manage web layout and typography in network systems.

Writing high-quality text is a basic service. Knowledge of the Finnish language has become frustrated with electronic media, but we produce flawless and smooth content for different target groups.

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