Mini Site

Sometimes a company's own website does not serve enough marketing. It may be difficult or too slow to get content to a company's own website pages for fast-changing marketing purposes. Or the functionality of your site does not support the set goals. Then a mini site can help. We implement a site for promotional purposes, event portal or company extranet / intranet services.

A Mini Site is intended

  • Get promotional information for potential customers in an easy and flexible way.
  • Be able to maintain campaign data and information with the subscriber's own homogeneous site with permissions under Mext's control.
  • Be able to track the behavior of your target groups on your campaign pages.

Implementing a Mini Site

  • Creating the desired domain (registration).
  • Installing the Content Management System and Defining User Rights.
  • Processing and downloading the required graphic elements.
  • CSS definition and installation.
  • Demolition of the subscriber's current site for components, and programming its functionality to the minisite.

Please publish modules in offcanvas position.